Impactivo is excited to announce the launch of the ImpACTivista Implementation Map, a practical solution to the growing challenges of workforce burnout, rising chronic disease, and the need for sustainable health practices in the workplace. This unique system is designed to support both individuals and teams in cultivating a healthy, impactful, and joyful life. It is developed from a deep understanding of the need for leaders to prioritize their own health to effectively guide and support their teams.

Highlights of the ImpACTivista Implementation Map (

1. A Comprehensive Approach: It delivers a straightforward map to foster a culture of health, impact, and joy, incorporating health equity, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

2. Bilingual and Adaptable System: Based on the latest insights in preventive healthcare, personal effectiveness, teamwork, and the healthcare industry this system is available in Spanish and English.

3. Assessment and Tracking Tools: Features a platform for both individual and organizational assessments to improve and monitor performance. 

4. Essential Tools for Teams: Offers tools to enhance clarity, planning, habit adoption, time management, relationship management, productivity, and energy.  

5. 24/7 Educational Program: An asynchronous educational program teaches over 25 essential skills for team development.

6. Ongoing Group Coaching: Provides a continuous support system to help achieve and maintain desired outcomes.

Benefits of the Implementation Map:

– Enhances Workforce Retention

– Improves Time Management

– Supports Team-Based Care

– Promotes a Positive Organizational Culture

– Aligns with Organizational Values

– Empowers Leaders

Impactivo is committed to transforming systems to ensure health for everyone. Their comprehensive solutions empower leaders with the knowledge, resources, and technology needed to transform their organizations into profitable, sustainable, and patient-centered models.