Hair loss is one of the biggest aesthetic concerns among people. The most common alopecia is androgenetic, which is hereditary, but hair loss is also linked to external factors like pollution, diet, stress or toxic habits like alcohol or tobacco. And they all affect, in particular, at the change of season and the onset of autumna period when hair renewal is at its peak and the number of hairs falling per day – between 200 and 250 – increases.

So, how to prevent hair loss in men? There are generally two remedies: the use of anti-hair loss treatments and the prevention of pathologies that promote hair loss, or the use of hair surgery. However, specialists attest to the effectiveness of various products, alone or in addition to the operation: “The use of anti-hair loss capsules is quite common since they provide micronutrients whose deficiency is associated with hair loss. “It is also advisable to use specific anti-hair loss shampoos, which do not stop hair loss but prevent pathologies that promote this problem, such as dandruff or serborrheic dermatitis,” explains Emma Iglesiasone of the hair surgeons who work in the specialized Svenson centers located in Spain.

For those who suffer from alopecia and choose to use treatments to stop it, we select products that cover three ways to fight it. On the one hand, compounds containing active ingredients and nutrients to stop hair loss, such as hair strengthening pills or hair vitamins. On the other hand, specific treatments to help the scalp and avoid problems that promote alopecia. And finally, basic cosmetics like masks or tonics whose mission is to obtain healthy and beautiful hair. In short, a complete range for the best hair health:


Biotin Complex Treatment

This food supplement based on vitamin B7, selenium, zinc and coconut oil stimulates the scalp and strengthens the bulb for better anchorage and growth of hair. It is also beneficial for improving the condition of skin and nails. The treatment is 100% vegan and is designed to be taken for a year at a rate of one tablet per day. The results are stronger, fuller hair and, above all, a noticeable reduction in hair loss.

Pilexil Duplo Supplement (200 capsules)

The Pilexil hair growth program consists of taking this food supplement daily, depending on the results obtained. Its formula is based on the combination of more than a dozen active ingredients, such as iron, L-Cystine or Zinc. All are designed to stop hair loss and oxidative damage. Its use is recommended for a minimum of 12 weeks at a rate of two capsules each day.

Priorin Bayer Supplement (60 capsules)

Another alternative to provide us with a food supplement that helps keep our hair in the best condition is this product from the Bayer brand. It has an exclusive 3Activ+ formula, managing to increase the shine and volume of the hair. Its nutrients act inside the hair root, namely: millet extract (repairing), L-Cystine (strengthening), Biotin (regeneration) and Vitamin B5 (nutrient). Indicated in adults over 12 years old and at a rate of two capsules per day.

Kérastase anti-hair loss treatment (42 x 6ml)

The prestigious Kérastase brand offers an intensive six-week treatment based on a serum that repairs and strengthens the hair fiber. It contains Aminexil, which creates a protective barrier, Rhamanose, to stimulate the multiplication of fibroblasts essential for hair elasticity, and a complex based on L-Carnosine, moringa and vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant. . It should be applied three times a week to dry hair.

L’Oréal Expert Aminexil Advance anti-hair loss ampoules (42 units x 6 ml)

With a formula combining Aminexil with Omega 3, this anti-hair loss treatment from L’Oréal is very competitive in terms of quality and price and has one of its strengths in its application. Its use is very simple thanks to the roll-on which massages the scalp while the product acts. You must apply it to dry hair and leave it on all day. User reviews are excellent.


Kérastase Densifying Treatment

This two-month Kérastase program targets hair density. Each box lasts 30 days and the product is applied daily to the root area of ​​dry hair, massaging to promote penetration. The Stemoxidine formula helps to have thicker, stronger and more numerous hairs.

Brickell strengthening shampoo for daily use

Specially created for men’s hair, this Apivita shampoo is based on aloe vera extract, pro vitamin B5, vitamin E, silk, amino acids, tea tree oil and mint . The latter two stimulate the scalp, promote hair growth, prevent dandruff and provide a pleasant aroma.

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

The Alpecin range, specialist in male alopecia, offers this double-effect shampoo. On the one hand, it eliminates dandruff since it contains salicylic acid with immediate anti-inflammatory action. It gently exfoliates and soothes the scalp, while containing caffeine which stimulates the area.

Imperial anti-hair loss conditioner, by Nuggela & Sulé

Regular use of this conditioner is recommended for all hair types, strengthening hair from the roots. Its dual formula contains red onion extract and marine glycogen, two ingredients that promote the growth of stronger and thicker hair by protecting keratin, a protein present in hair and of great importance. The product can be applied from roots to ends without leaving the scalp greasy.

Fitoxil Forte anti-hair loss program

This program includes, on the one hand, a shampoo indicated to stop hair loss and perfect as a complement to other treatments against alopecia. On the other hand, it contains a treatment that is applied with a bottle to already clean hair and which contains Fitoxil. Stimulates and protects the bulb for better nutrition and better hair health and denser, stronger hair. The shampoo is for frequent use and the treatment should be applied 3 to 4 times a week for the first two months.


Shampoo to prevent hair loss Hairgen

To strengthen hair from the inside, anchoring the effect of the product down to the roots. As its users confirm, the results are visible after two weeks if correct and continuous use is carried out. It is a product unisex Dermatologically tested.

Moisturizing mask with Aloe Vera, from Garnier Fructis

This mask also focuses on the scalp. Activates blood circulation in the area to help have hair with better texture, thanks to its formula enriched with Aloe Vera. In fact, 98% of its ingredients are of vegan origin. It provides additional softness and is indicated for normal to dry hair. It should be applied to damp hair for three minutes then rinsed with plenty of water.

Cleare anti-hair loss fortifying foam

Made from organic ingredients of natural origin, this mousse strengthens the hair while fixing it and providing volume. Hair begins to grow stronger and fight against the signs of aging and stress: the main factors in hair loss. Thanks to pea shoot extract and creatine, it acts at the heart of the hair origin, stimulating hair growth by up to 56%.

Beau-Pro Anti-Hair Loss Serum

The best-selling serum on Amazon to combat alopecia. It is made from Essential bioactive nutrients that improve the condition of hair and scalp, create a healthy environment for their growth and prevent hair loss. Thanks to ingredients like ginger, in addition, Activates inactive hair follicles and accelerates the growth of renewed hair.

The Ordinary Density Serum

With a formula of multi peptides (Redensyl, Capixyl, Baicapil) which promote hair density, this serum is an ideal complement for hair health. It allows you to obtain denser, fuller, stronger and, ultimately, healthier hair. It does not contain alcohol and its composition is one hundred percent vegan and gluten-free.