Starting tomorrow, November 5, the Sunday back covers on ABC will carry the byline of José F. Peláez, our Opinion columnist, parliamentary columnist and recent winner of the “Joaquín Romero Murube”. In this new section, which completes the collaboration he already has with ABC, the native of Valladolid promises to bypass political questions to address different themes and registers.

“A newspaper is not just information. And even less political news. The newspaper reader, and even more so the ABC reader, appreciates that there are other types of content that are more literary, with more personal perspectives and, above all, written in a more relaxed tone“, says Peláez. “I have the feeling that we are living in particularly muddy times and that so much chaos is saturating us all. This is why we appreciate finding more introspective, less urgent texts, which lead us to reflections beyond the last hour, the terrible, frenetic short term in which we have all settled. And especially on Sunday, when we have more time to read.

The section will be titled “The Soundprint”. Peláez explains that there is a song by Juan Perro called “A la media luna,” in which Santiago Auserón says: “Praise the feet of the traveler, the sound path that I pursue.” The sound imprint This is what those of us who write in newspapers pursue, to record what we hear, to recount the times in which we lived and to do so by following in the footsteps that others have left marked on the ground. Because if there is a newspaper in Spain where tradition is transcendental, it is ABC.

And those of us who defend the jersey today we must follow in the footsteps of the mastersof which we are proud, without complexes of any kind”, he emphasizes, fleeing this “Adamism” so common in the journalistic world. Then, the song speaks of this “race of the utopian tropics which fight against critical times » which, without a doubt, he aspires to be a part of.

He thus admits that in this new section he seeks to write content that does not have an explicit place in other sections, to look at reality in a different way and to tell it with the vocation of a “brand” style. House “. But above all, entertain. “In the world, one can be anything but boring”, it is said. This Sunday, on ABC, we will be on ‘The Sound Trace’.