Cadiz lowers its target in terms of public attending this catamaran regatta, which takes place in the waters of the bay, the Sail GP circuit. Three years ago, as a novelty, it was good. Thousands of people attended the event and Cádiz was packed. I don’t know if it’s because of the regatta itself, or because it was the first time that the Sánchez government let us go out on the streets after the pandemic or because it coincided with the Pilar Bridge.

The fact is that last year there was already a significant drop in attendance. Interest has dropped significantly. Of course, this was not celebrated on the Hispanic Bridge. The regatta until 2022 had cost 100 thousand euros, 50 thousand in 2021 and 50 thousand in 2022. But in 2023 the surprise occurred. None other than the Cádiz City Hall found in the drawers a contract signed by the former mayor, José María González Santos, alias “Kichi”, in which he committed to paying one million euros in 2023 and another million in 2025, so it was discovered that the circuit would settle in Cádiz for another two years if the amount was paid.

At the beginning, the new municipality, led by Bruno García, the mayor, had many doubts about paying this sum, which it had taken out of a drawer, but faced with threats to move the event to Barcelona or Valencia , the mayor He gave up and stretched his budget to be able to pay.

By 2025, the payment divided into three will be effective. Part from the Town Hall, another from the Provincial Deputation and another from the Community, so Cadiz will have an easier time paying.

I wonder: is an event like this profitable in a city with unemployment? They, Sail GP, will say that the event assumed I don’t know how many billions in return, but that is not the truth and the figures are greatly inflated.

It seems lately that Spain is a good deal for financing events with public money that could be used for other, much more important things. Between the Copa América in Barcelona, ​​paid for by all Spaniards, the Sail GP event in Cádiz, which all Spaniards also pay for, the payments granted by the government of Sánchez Castejón, universal health which is aimed at all those who put feet In Spain, from subsidies to certain groups and from the budget of certain ministries, Spain currently owes more than a billion and “b” euros.

I like that Cádiz spends two million euros on our sport, but with these two million euros, how many Andalusian sailors could contribute to the Olympic team? How many children could love sailing?

Think about it, Mr. Bruno García, and don’t waste money like this, because Spain is not a country of waste.