One of the main challenges of decorating the house is hanging paintings and other items on the walls without damaging them. And, if you want to change items or during a move, any remaining holes may require additional repairs. To help you avoid this, in EL PAÍS showcase we selected seven systems for hanging pictures without drilling or making holes which are also effective for Hold shelves and other decorative items. All are easy to install and can remove without leaving visible traces.

Fischer frame fixer

It is undoubtedly the best-known solution for hang pictures without drillingwhich is particularly effective for use in walls made of plaster, wood or plasterboard. These little metal hooks install without toolsThank you to your two sharp points which are securely attached to the wall. This structure, despite their size, allows them to resist a maximum load 8kgwith the possibility of interlace two hooks and therefore the power hang heavy objects up to 16 kg. Box includes eight units.

Command Picture Strips

If you want to avoid any type of hole in the wall, no matter how small, one of the best options are these special strips for hang pictures without drilling. Furthermore, Installation couldn’t be simpler: Simply join two strips on their front side, stick them to the rear corners of the frame then attach them to the wall. And to remove them, they have a tab that removes them cleanly. They are available in three sizeswith eight units per box: small (1.8 kg), medium (5.4 kg) and large (7.2 kg).

Unmarked bindings

It’s a lot of 40 hook fasteners of five shapes and sizes for different needs. You just need to nail them to the wall, but due to the small size of the stakes you can later can be removed without leaving visible traces. Yet the strongest hook can hold up to 5 kg weight. They are suitable for solid walls, solid wood, concrete or even cabinets.

Tesa adjustable adhesive nails

Are you worried that none of the solutions above will work for your plaster walls? So what you are looking for are Tesa adhesive nails, specifically indicated for this type of surface, as well as for painted walls. To do this, they use adhesive strips with flexible polymer chains which are part of You make connections with the wall to ensure its resistance. Then simply glue the section of the nail that can be adjusted to properly align the frame. The best thing is that They leave without a trace And they are reusable. Package Included two unitsWhat They can support 1 kg of weight each.

Pattex No More Nails Adhesive Tape

What more can there be practical and easy to install What is adhesive tape? The difference is that Pattex tape is specifically designed to replace nails and which can be used for hang without drilling holes in tiles, wood, metals, plastics and marble. Its fixation is extra strong and versatile, enough to take care of small household appliances. The roller has 1.5 meters of adhesive tape forks water and weather resistant.

Clear double-sided adhesive tape

If you are looking for a completely discreet adhesive tape, this double-sided transparent is the perfect choice. It is made in high quality acrylic And supports up to 1 kg of weight on smooth surfaces, so it can be applied in any corner of the house for a fixing without drilling. Additionally, if it is dirty, you can wash with water and let dry for reuse. The roller has three meters of adhesive tape.

Small Leone Dell’Era hooks

A last solution, but no less practical and simple, are these small hooks made in Italy. Even if they have to be driven into the wall, they use a very fine pin What leaves no visible trace if they are deleted. Box includes 10 special units for cement wallsand others 10 pieces suitable for use on wood. They include a shovel to protect hammer toes during installation.

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