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The GAD3 survey published today by ABC shows that the rejection of amnesty for the October 1 putschists is very broad among Spaniards (more than 60 percent), so much so that almost half of socialist voters support oppose this measure which involves erasure. of all the crimes committed by the separatists and the prostration of the State before those who tried to put an end to them. The fact that the amnesty is negotiated with the main promoters of this riot, and that the only other beneficiary is candidate Sánchez, reveals the democratic and ethical absurdity of an absolutely partisan maneuver that destroys the general interest of the Spanish people. The rule of law will clearly be lost when this unusual amnesty proclaims the annihilation of the constitutional principle of equality of all citizens before the law, the backbone of any democracy. Spain will have to face this international embarrassment, for which the main responsibility will be Pedro Sánchez.

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