The Secretary General of Podemos, Ione Belarraaccused this Monday Pedro Sanchez deploy a strategy to replace its alliance with Podemos with a “servile left” in judicial, economic and media power and bipartisanship, “with the indispensable collaboration of Yolanda Diaz“. This is what Belarra expressed in a letter sent to her activists, where she thanks them for their support after the “contempt” of the PSOE and Sumar.

“We were able to confirm the definitive expulsion of Podemos from the government by Pedro Sánchez, with the indispensable collaboration of Yolanda Díaz, but also the definitive confirmation of a determined strategy maintained over time by the PSOE and Sumar whose obvious objective is the replacement of Podemos by another political force which can symbolically represent the “left” but accept subordination to the PSOE and the agreement with the economic and media powers, that is to say that it is, unlike Podemos, subject to the de facto powers which have supported and still support the two-party regime”, affirmed for a few hours the Minister of Rights social.

Although Podemos is integrated into Sumar – and brings five deputies to the parliamentary group, in the same way as Cataluña en Comú or Izquierda Unida –, Díaz completed his expulsion from the Council of Ministers after practically two years of internal struggle to lead the left of the PSOE. The vice president resigned from the Ministry of Equality and entrusted the ministries to her loyalists Más Madrid, Comuns and Izquierda Unida.

Belarra says they acted “responsibly” in supporting this new coalition government, but that it was “difficult to accept an extremely unfair electoral deal” in the January 23 general election. And that it was also “difficult” to support Sánchez’s inauguration when the PSOE and Sumar “despised them as political interlocutors”.

The Podemos leader lists in her letter the movements that, according to her, Díaz carried out to cancel them. “The challenge of all elements of the political practice of Podemos as soon as they reached the direction of space”, the decision not to expand Unidas Podemos and create a new matchhis resignation from the campaign with Unidas Podemos for the regional and municipal elections of the 28M, “in order, thanks to a bad result in space, to have more negotiating power” in the face of the general elections, the veto of Irene Montero and denying them participation in coalition government negotiations in recent weeks, Belarra said.

However, he also warns in the final paragraphs that they will work with political autonomy to forge new alliances inside and outside the Congress of Deputies and this will try to be a lever of pressure on the government to try to advance its proposals. And let us also remember that it is activism that gave them the power to break their electoral pacts with Sumar if they continue to ignore them in the face of the next elections.

“This autonomy of Podemos will be the fundamental tool so that we can impose a certain social progress in this legislature despite the lack of desire for transformation of the PSOE-Sumar government, and this autonomy will also be the seed around which to build a new democratic accumulation of forces that guarantees not only the continuity of Podemos but also its growth, says Belarra.