All television professionals know that you have to be very careful with the comments made because they are “weak”, because they risk being picked up by an indiscreet microphone. In fact, it is not uncommon that on certain occasions a well-known presenter falls victim to it, revealing opinions or comments that made the sender blush. Well, this Wednesday Onega Sonsolespresenter of ‘And now Sonsoles’ (Antena 3), is the journalist who found herself in this situation, when, following the news she had in her hands, she let out an explosion with which insult to the young guest who starred in this surreal story.

“And now Sonsoles” stopped the program to present viewers with the story of Oriol Puig, a boy locked in the trunk of a bus. Thus, the Antena 3 program broadcast a summary video of the events and once finished and before the presenter connected with the young man, in a small technical gap, Onega Sonsoles He revealed what he thought about the situation that Orio Puig had experienced.

“It’s a asshole“, we heard the presenter of “And now Sonsoles” say that she did not realize the “catch” of which she had been a “victim”. Additionally, as soon as you connect with your guest, Onega Sonsoles He changed her file and interviewed her in a cordial manner as if nothing had happened.

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However, this is not the only anecdote left by the interview with Oriol Puig, since when the presenter of the program Antenna 3 She was going to fire him, he compromised her by mentioning Ana Rosa Quintana.

“I really appreciate you being with us, I really do,” he told her. Onega Sonsoles to the young man, thanking him for choosing the team of “And now Sonsoles” to tell his story, to which Oriol Puig responded in a way that the presenter would never have imagined. “Of course, I’m still more of a Sonsoles than a Ana Rose», Launched the young man, leaving the journalist with a shocked face and provoking laughter from those present on the set. “How nice, Oriol!”, thanked the host of the show.