When we ride a motorcycle, the helmet is one of the obligatory and essential elements that we must wear since it will be the one that will accompany us. saved from a violent blow to the head, or minimize damage in the event of an accident. Its maintenance is therefore essential, knowing that depending on the material from which the shell is made, they are more or less resistant and more or less durable.

It will therefore be essential to acquire a helmet with greater safety features. But if this is a concern for you, you should wait for the LIVALL MC1 Pro arriving in Spain in January 2024. This model integrates multiple technological features with three levels of preventive security: Bluetooth, intercom, Full HD 1080p camera to record up to 6 hours of video, accident alert system and LED lights, among others, as a talkie Walkie. ‘ to speak in a group.

After the great impact of the MC1 Pro at technology fairs such as CES Las Vegas, IFA and its presentation in Spain, by the DGT, Jorge OrdasDeputy Director General for Mobility Management and Technology, launched Manu Marinco-founder of LIVALL and CEO of LIVALL Europe, the next challenge: connecting their smart helmets to the DGT Cloud 3.0 platform.

Today, Marín himself assures that not only has the challenge been met but that it is a reality that already reaches all the roads of Spain: “We have managed to ensure that motorcycles can receive information from the DGT 3.0 platform. and do it vocally, through the headset. This way we can eliminate surprises on the road and loss of attention related to visual attention to a navigator. “This will be an important step in favor of a particularly vulnerable group like motorcyclists.”

LIVALL MC1 Pro smart headset


The MC1 headsets are connected to the DGT platform via a 4G and 5G card integrated into the device, enabling data exchange and opening up “a new world of possibilities”. Among them, and the most important currently, in the event of an accident on the road, DGT 3.0 will emit a direct signal on the LIVALL MC1 helmet to the motorcyclists closest to the alert. The device would send a warning via voice command to all nearby motorists, informing all users of the accident so they can exercise extreme caution.

As Marín points out, “we are in a continuous process of transformation towards sustainable, efficient and intelligent mobility; It is for this reason that we have emphasized the importance of preventive safety in order to avoid accidents. Our goal is for Spain to lead the way in the great innovation that is the first smart and connected headset.

Features of the LIVALL MC1 Pro smart helmet


Three levels of security

The most important is the intelligent lighting system which provides 360 degree visibility to other drivers and integrates position lights to increase visibility and a brake light in the rear part of the V-shaped helmet. The MC1 structure is resistant and uniform by having the necessary elements certification and approval, knowing that it integrates a specialized team and that LIVALL had to face a change in regulations (ECE 22.06 AND DOT).

The second level of security is based on a Bluetooth communication system, integrated speakers inside and a microphone with wind noise reduction. Additionally, the headset can be connected to the mobile phone to prevent accidents by providing traffic information via voice commands. An aspect to highlight is the SOS system, that is, a technology that avoids additional damage by facilitating GPS location when waiting 90 seconds for the user to move or cancel the emergency signal. This tool will work if the headset is connected via Bluetooth to the mobile phone, in this way the person will be able to choose up to five contacts to whom an SOS message will be sent, so that they can communicate it to the emergency services. Another system is communication in “walkie-talkie” mode with other motorcyclists to warn of changes of direction at speeds of up to 1.3 kilometers.

Finally (available on the MC1 Pro), the third level of security is the camera integrated into the front of the helmet which has 120 degrees to record in FULL HD up to 32 hours of video. Concerning its technical characteristics, it is made of fiberglass, it weighs 1.4 kilos.