Derek Chauvin, the police officer convicted of the murder of African-American George Floyd, was stabbed 22 times in prison, court documents report this Friday.

The attack took place on November 24 in the library of the federal prison in Tucson, Arizona, where Chauvin is serving more than two decades of his sentence for the death of Floyd, on whose neck he knelt for nine minutes in Minneapolis in 2020.

John Turscak, who now faces attempted murder among other charges, attacked Chauvin with an “improvised knife, approximately 22 times, causing serious bodily injury,” according to the criminal complaint filed on Friday.

Even though the document refers to the victim by his initials for legal reasons, an official source confirmed to AFP that it is Chauvin.

“Turscak told prison officers that he would have killed DC if they had not reacted quickly,” add prosecutors in the case.

“Turscak said he had been planning to attack DC for about a month because he was a high-profile inmate.”

The attack occurred on “Black Friday,” the traditional day of auctions in the United States after the Thanksgiving celebration.

“Turscak said the attack on DC on Black Friday was symbolic of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Chauvin received immediate treatment and was transported to a local hospital. Although he survived the attack, there is no additional information on his condition.

The officer was convicted of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter in 2021, and sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison.

Floyd’s death, which was caught on video, also helped fuel an important debate about racism and policing in the United States and around the world.

A subsequent Justice Department investigation into the Minneapolis police, whose findings were released in June 2023, said its officers routinely used violent and racist practices, “including unjustified deadly force.”

Minneapolis, in the Midwestern state of Minnesota, also settled a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the Floyd family and agreed to pay $27 million.

Chauvin appealed his second-degree murder conviction, but his appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court earlier this month.