Updated at 02:57h.

A small plane crashed this Saturday in the department of San Pedro, Paraguay, causing the death of its four occupants, including the Colorado Party deputy. Walter Harms.

Harms’ death was confirmed by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Raúl Latorre, who transmitted on his account of the social network and friend Walter. .

“You are off to meet your beloved Gladys soon. We will miss your friends from the Chamber of Deputies, from the party and all of us who had the joy of knowing you. We will see each other when God decides in the next life, dear friend,” he lamented.

Initial police investigations suggest the accident occurred as the plane was taking off from a private runway and collided with the top of a tree, causing the plane to fall to the ground and catch fire , as reported by the newspaper ‘El Nacional. ‘.

“The four bodies will be transported to the judicial morgue of Asunción for full recognition, since due to the flames the identity cannot be corroborated in full view, at the moment it is assumed that it would be the deputy , a relative of the latter, the pilot and a trader, the occupants of the damaged plane,” prosecutor Rusbell Benítez told the C9N news channel.

The deputy was in the department of San Pedro for celebrate Governor Freddy D’Ecclesiis’ birthday and he planned to return to the city of Asunción that same afternoon.