Miguel Tellado decided to form a core of action in the Congress of Deputies which combines renewal and experience in the Upper House. In his recent interview with ABC, the new parliamentary spokesperson of the PP declared that the PP must eliminate “the existing team” in a fundamental area of ​​the PP’s opposition action. His next decisions gave continuity to last Thursday’s decision to include two former spokespersons, such as Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo and Rafael Hernando, as deputy spokespersons.

Furthermore, both will be the spokesperson at the constitutional commission and the National Security Committee. Sergio Sayas, José Vicente Marí, Bella Verano, Miriam Guardiola and Pedro Muñoz Abrines join the same line of deputy spokespersons.

Genoa had to make the most of the group’s potential. And we can see on the front line the people with responsibilities in the previous stages. For example, the secretary general of the parliamentary group, Macarena Montesinos. O Jaime de Olano, Treasurer and Deputy Spokesperson. He will also be spokesperson at the Economy Commission. The most popular placed Álvaro Pérez, one of Feijóo’s closest collaborators, as coordinator of the commission. The Deputy Secretary General is Mar González, State Attorney with many years of service behind her.

Various MPs consulted confirm that there is good feelings in the group with these meetings who showed the decision not to separate anyone. The PP placed veterans of Congress and former members of the leadership among the spokespersons of the commissions. Thus, Carlos Floriano will be the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. María Jesús Moro will be in Justice, Carlos Rojas in Defense and Ana Vázquez in Interior.

On the other hand, Genoa places three historical collaborators of Feijóo as spokesperson for different committees. Francisco Conde will be spokesperson for Industry, a subject in which he has been an advisor for more than a long decade in Galicia. Pedro Puy, historic spokesperson for the PP in the Galician parliament, will be the spokesperson in the Finance Committee. Rosa Quintana, who has been advisor to Feijóo in Galicia since 2009, will be spokesperson for fisheries and deputy spokesperson for the environment. All three have extensive experience but are newcomers to Congress.

Aurora Nacarino will be the spokesperson for the non-legislative commission on democratic quality and the fight against corruption. While Béa Fanjul, president of Nouvelles Générationsit will be in that of gender violence.

The nine deputy secretaries of the Steering Committee are not spokespersons at the Congress, but they will be more present in parliamentary activity than until now. Tellado asked them to each coordinate their plots with the various spokespersons and deputy spokespersons of the disciplines corresponding to their skills. Miguel Ángel Sastre, a young 27-year-old deputy from Cádiz, will be spokesperson for youth and deputy for the Urban Agenda.