They lost their balance when they encountered an animal while crossing a en route to a farm in Villarejo de Montalbán, 80 kilometers by road

Archive image of a Sescam medical helicopter SESCAM


Updated at 6:44 p.m.

A 13-year-old boy was admitted this afternoon in serious condition to the University Hospital of Toledo, where he was evacuated by a Sescam medical helicopter. He came from a farm in the town of Villarejo de Montalbán, 80 kilometers away, where he was involved in a motorcycle accident.

The boy was traveling with his father on a road in the Las Cumbres farm, in the Montes de Toledo, when an animal crossed them, they lost their balance and fell to the ground. The 46-year-old father was also taken to hospital because he had varying degrees of injuries, according to a spokesperson for the 112 emergency service, who received the notification a few minutes before two o’clock of the afternoon.