The Constitutional Court of Albania suspended this Wednesday the migration agreement reached last month with Italy after a total of 30 opposition parliamentarians presented an appeal to the court to resolve its constitutionality.

The parliamentarians argue that the signing protocol was violated, because this type of agreement requires the authorization of the president, Bajram Begaj, “in accordance with article 121 of the Constitution relating to “territoriality and fundamental rights”.

Said article envisages that the The ratification of any international agreement must respect national legislation whether it concerns territorial, political and military issues, as well as alliances, peace, freedoms, human rights or fundamental rights.

The opposition considers that the agreement signed between the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, and his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni, violates Albanian sovereigntysince the processing centers located on Albanian territory would be supervised by the Italian authorities.

“The meeting of judges, convened on December 13, 2023, voted that the application meets the preliminary admissibility criteria and decided to transfer the case to the full court,” he said in a statement, so the protocol will be paralyzed until the court issues its decision.

The Constitutional Court will meet on January 18 to decide on the matter. The vote in Parliament was scheduled for December 14, a simple procedure since the socialist government has the necessary majority to apply the rule, which would come into force in March 2024.