The company chaired by Juan Roig sends proof of purchase to customers who wish it by email.

Mercadona implements the digital ticket for its customers ABC

Mercadona, physical supermarket and online sales company, concludes the implementation of digital ticket in the more than 1,600 stores it has in Spain, with its arrival in supermarkets in the province of Valencia. In this way, “The Boss” (customer) who makes card payments in one of his supermarkets can, if he wishes, obtain his receipts in his email, with the contribution to paper savings that this implies.

To receive purchase receipts in digital form, customers must register in a simple system via your WhatsApp. Thus, customers provide their email address to which, once the process is completed and after paying for the purchase with their card, receipts for the purchases they make will arrive.

In this way, the company, faithful to its commitment to say yes to continue taking care of the planet, intends to contribute to generating a saving estimated at one hundred tonnes of paper.

The initiative, which began to be tested at the beginning of 2023 in stores in Ávila and Palencia, has spread to the rest of the country and will culminate in the coming days with its arrival in the supermarkets that the chain owns in the country . province.of Valencia.