Updated at 1:08 p.m.

The municipal group of the PSOE of the Zaragoza City Council has proposed traffic lights that regulate the passage of pedestrians with the figure of ‘Good old Cuttlas‘, in homage to the famous artist from Zaragoza Calpurnium on the first anniversary of his death.

This was announced to the Culture Commission by socialist councilor Eva Cerdán, who collected the proposal from a large group of designers, scriptwriters, readers, booksellers and publishers for the installation of an agreed number of traffic lights in our city with the design of Calpurnio’s most famous character, a proposal similar to that which was made in Barcelona with Mortadelo and Filemon in homage to Francisco Ibáñez.

“We believe,” said Cerdán, “that, in the same way as happened in Barcelona, ​​this initiative will be welcomed with great satisfaction by the group of comic fans throughout Spain.”

Eduardo Pelegrín Martínez de Pisón, better known as Calpurnio, is a highly recognized and respected artist in the world of comics. Last year, the Zaragoza Comics Fair opened with a poster designed by him.

Illustrator, designer, screenwriter, animator and video jockey from Zaragoza, these are the disciplines he tackled when he began in the world of fanzines and comics in the mid-80s in Zaragoza. He is the author of numerous audiovisual and graphic arts works, including posters, album covers, comics, exhibitions and animated films. In addition, he has won several national and international awards.