The question now was whether he would succeed in retaining the loyalty of all those who gave Gala 0 a chance, or whether they would lose their enthusiasm and fall by the wayside. Well, after the first month of ‘OT 2023’the format seems to have no rival, at least among social audiences.

Network and App Participation Skyrockets Like Never Before

If a few days ago it reached 1 billion views on TikTok, this Monday, December 18, a few hours before the fourth gala, Tinet Rubira, The director of Gestmusic announced on his social networks that a “historic record” had been broken.

The question clarified it Chenoa this Monday, December 18 during the live broadcast of the gala. Moments before learning the name of the third person excluded from the edition, the presenter declared that participation in the application program to save the nominees had exceeded all the figures obtained so far, with more than four million votes.

It is not in vain that two of the most popular candidates were in danger of being eliminated, which pushed fans of the format to dedicate themselves like never before to saving their favorite in what has been the most popular nomination so far. more painful.

Finally it was Dennawith 35% of the votes, who had to leave the Academy after losing the duel against her great friend violet.