This December 22 is “D-Day” and all Spaniards, without exception, expect the number sung by one of the children of San Ildefonso be yours, and the winning number is that of the first prize. Compared to the most skeptical, who know that by calculation the possibility is tiny, there is still a small flaw. Even if it’s to get a refund or a stone that makes us happy, no matter how small it may be.

This is the money you get if you match the last two numbers of the Christmas Lottery jackpot.

If we are part of the select group of the lucky ones, Fat Christmas This will leave them with a juicy figure of €400,000 per tenth. A total of €4,000,000 for the series. On the other hand, one of the most frustrating situations is finding yourself about to receive a prize of significant monetary value. We therefore have less luck and it is only the last two digits of our tenth that coincide with the Jackpot price, in which case we will take €100 to the tenth. Plus €20 reimbursement, or €120. In this case, we can always wait for the next draw, that of El Niño, on January 6.

Other awards

Furthermore, the tenths including the first three digits If you match the first three winning numbers corresponding to the first, second, third and two fourth prizes, you will receive a prize of 100 euros per tenth played.

He refund corresponds to the last number of “El Gordo” for Christmas, so that the 9,999 numbers that end with this ending in the Christmas lottery draw will receive 20 euros per tenth, i.e. a full refund of the ticket purchased.

For its part, the stones corresponds to all these assigned numbers with 100 euros for the tenth and 1,000 euros for the series. In total, 1,794 prizes are distributed. Luck will tell us which group we belong to by the end of the day.