The Government of Castilla-La Mancha plans to launch a new health information and consultation service next year, called ‘Sescam respondsa call center which will provide the regional public health system with added service to citizens, without the need to go to a health center.

The development of this new service will be included in the new contract of the Telephone Operation Service for the Management of Emergencies, Emergencies and Sanitary Transport (Guets), which was authorized this week by the Government Council of Castile-La Mancha and to which More than 7.1 million euros will be allocated over the next two years, as reported by the Board of Directors in a press release.

A contract which also includes the telephone operating services of the Sescam Emergency Coordination Center (CCU) at 112 and the Regular Health Transport Coordination Center (Cctsp).

This new health information and consultation service Its objective is to respond to the population’s requests for information and consultation regarding health, by offering basic information to users in a protocolized and channel the consultation request to the corresponding healthcare staffaccording to established procedures.

Taking into account the geographic, demographic, dispersion and depopulation characteristics of our region, this service aims to bring health even closer to the population. So, anyone who needs to have a health consultation or who needs information related to health issues, such as vaccines, health alerts or preparation for diagnostic tests.

Likewise, you can use this service which aims to be a health provider entity, providing the user with consultations and resolution of health problems without the need to go to the reference health centers.

In this way, the objective is to improve the rationalization and optimization of health services and improve people’s health, making the health system more efficient and improving its accessibility.

Likewise, the necessary mechanisms will be articulated to serve as a link with other services of Sescam and the Ministry of Health, in addition to offering the possibility of receiving complaints and health suggestions from users and patients.

Coordination centers

The two other telephone intervention services included in this contract are linked, on the one hand, to the Sescam Emergency Coordination Center (CCU) at 112, where, in addition to the emergency health personnel and Emergency Management Emergencies, they do their job. health response operators.

The CCU is the backbone of the emergency service and the decision-making brain that manages its organization and emergencies at the extra-hospital level, coordinating the different levels of care, where operators have an essential and work in a coordinated manner. and in close collaboration with the center’s health staff.

These operators ensure the activation, monitoring and management of all health resources coordinated by the CCU. Thus, in 2022, they activated and monitored 185,531 ambulance services, 26,480 advanced life support units, 2,486 medical helicopters and 22,620 primary care teams.

Finally, Guets has a Regular Medical Transport Coordination Center which manages medical transport requests from hospitals, health centers, offices and continuing care points.

The management of this type of transport is essential to the proper functioning of the Health Service and its activity is very important. Operators who provide services to this center manage all requested medical transport orders by any Sescam health center and incidents that may occur linked to scheduled medical transports.

To give an idea of ​​its activity and its impact, Cctsp operators managed 313,612 medical transport orders in 2022, or an average of 859 daily orders.