It is well known to everyone that to keep our mouth and gums healthy, it is important brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. The usual thing is to always do it in the morning and right after dinner, although many people still prefer to do it after eating a little food.

However, this cleaning can prove counterproductive for the health of our teethespecially if it is done just after certain very specific moments, which can pose a problem for our E-mail. This is how the London dentist explains it Shaadi Manouchehriwho warned about situations in which you should never brush them.

Wiping your mouth after eating breakfast

Although many people advocate waiting until after breakfast to brush our teeth, the truth is that this technique can cause various damages to our mouth. When bacteria in our mouth break down the sugar of food, a acid that, when rubbed with the tooth for brushcan dissolve the tooth surface, thereby promoting the first stage of tooth decay.

“When you finish eating, your mouth is in a very acidic state, so if you brush your teeth, you rub this acid on your toothwhich is a mineral and which can wear it out”, recalls this dentist, who believes that brushing your teeth immediately after breakfast is never a good idea.

Brush your teeth after vomiting

Another warning issued by this renowned dentist, with almost 20,000 followers on her social networks, is to not use your toothbrush. immediately after vomiting under any concept. In this situation, one of the first impulses we usually have is to clean our mouth, but this could damage our enamel.

“The contents of the stomach are extremely acidic and the mouth is in a very acidic stateso if you brush right after, you’re basically wear out your enamel“, explained Manouchehri through his social networks, warning of one of the mistakes that we most often make in these cases.

Brush your teeth after eating candy

Another habit that can cause problems with our teeth is simply brushing our teeth. after eating candy or foods that include sugar among their ingredients. This deeply ingrained habit can increase risk of cavitiessince the acid that dissolves these foods is distributed throughout the mouth, which can cause enamel wear.

To prevent these problems, dentist Shaadi Manouchehri recommends wait at least an hour after eating candy, brush your teeth. “When we have finished eating something sweet, our mouth has digested it. an acid that will be rubbed on the teeth and it will destroy the enamel”, he emphasizes, which can end up generating cavities and gradually destroying our incisors.