After the Christmas holidays, “La Resistencia” (Movistar +) returned through the front door to the grill. Thus, on David Broncano’s program, the Spanish actor Hugo Silva, for the first programming of 2024, came to the space to promote his latest film, “Un amor”, a film for which the interpreter is nominated in the Goya Prize in the category of best supporting actor. Precisely, about this nomination Hugo Silva He spoke out and made a firm promise in front of the Movistar + cameras if he finally got the long-awaited reward.

Hugo Silva reached ‘Resistance’ and David Broncano immediately asked him how he copes with his intimate relationships. After a “spicy” start, the presenter officially started the interview and then asked the guest about his presence on social networks, to which the actor admitted that he doesn’t really like posting photos because this made him “ashamed”.

Then, David Broncano got interested in the film and talked about how they always asked for “missions” from the guest nominees for the film. Goya but they never succeeded in having them executed. “We have already asked that if the guest of the program wins the Goya, they do something with the prize during the ceremony, but they did not do it,” emphasized the presenter of “La Resistencia” who then asked a question to Hugo Silva.

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“At Goya “Have you ever had a mustache or a funny little hat?” David Broncano asked the actor who replied that he didn’t remember. “You could be ‘the first,'” the comedian said. A promise that Hugo Silva I left her in quarantine. “I’m not promising anything that says, ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that,'” the actor told the presenter.

“But once they give you the Goya, what are they going to do to you? Kill you?” David Broncano told him insistently. Hugo Silva. “It’s true, they’re not going to take it away from me,” said the actor, to whom at that moment the presenter gave him a “little hat”, a tie, a “scarf” and a “ small backpack. “Okay, I understand,” said the interpreter who then made a firm promise to the “La Resistencia” team. “If I win the Goya“You are going to see him dressed,” said the actor, which sparked the joy of the presenter and the entire audience.