The National Police of Madrid has clarified 16 cases but there could be more cases involved. The defendant is co-owner of a store in the Salamanca district

Watches recovered by the Madrid National Police ABC


Updated at 10:40 a.m.

A watchmaker in the Salamanca region was arrested for stealing from his customers the parts they had entrusted to him to repair and reselling them illegally.

There National Police took charge of the investigation following several complaints. Those affected said they brought their watches to be repaired at the facility. Many are luxury.

But months later and after several attempts to recover them, the co-owner had not returned them. It was a complete diversion.

After the investigations carried out, it was found that this individual had pawned several high-end pieces in different buying and selling houses in the capital.

Currently, 16 victims have been identified, from whom 19 watches worth almost 100,000 euros were stolen. It is suspected that there could be more cases.

A tracking device was put in place and on December 27, the suspect was arrested.

During the searches carried out, a total of 16 watches were recovered, which were returned to their rightful owners.