‘Espejo Público’ (Antena 3) expected a fairly intense morning in terms of political news. And yesterday’s plenary session of Congress (moved to the Senate hall) left many titles that had to be addressed and analyzed on the set of Susanna Griso’s morning show. Thus, one of the subjects on which the space focused was the no of Podemos to the decree promoted by the ministry of Yolanda Díaz and to speak about it there was the presence, by video call, of Irene Montero, political secretary of the training residence, who was a “victim” of space, after changing his name by a huge mistake. The political meeting of “Espejo Público” was very lively. The collaborators, as always, were very participatory and active when it came to offering and defending their opinions on what happened on Wednesday during the plenary session of the Congress. Podemos’ no to the decree of the Ministry of Labor that reformed unemployment compensation was one of the points discussed in the debate table of ‘Espejo Público’ and to learn more about what happened, Susanna Griso connected live with the political secretary of Podemos, Irene Montero. Politics came up on screen and the interview began completely normally. Thus, the morning guest of Antena 3 began the interview with Susanna Griso by explaining the reason why they had canceled the decree and with the corresponding labels on the screen that gave the viewers information about the person interviewed and the position she held. (Sonsoles Ónega “cuts” Ortega Cano with a journalist from the program: “She’s married!”) During the first moments of the conversation, the labels extracted the headlines from the interview, while Irene’s name was preserved. Montero and his position in Podemos. “Negotiation to the end,” said the first of the signs that appeared on the screens of “Espejo Público” viewers. However, after only a minute on stage, this was replaced by another one that made a mess of politics. “Ireme Montero, in ‘Espejo Público’”, indicated the sign, while in the left part of the screen the name of the political secretary of Podemos could be read correctly. Related News Standard Public Mirror No Mariló Montero surprises by revealing the real name of his daughter, the model Rocío Crusset Mari Carmen Parra “Here!”, blurted out the collaborators of the Antena 3 program, when the journalist gave the unknown information of the ‘ top’ ‘Espejo Público’ made a mistake with Irene Montero’s label. Antena 3 Despite the magnitude of the error, the error remained on the screen accompanying Irene Montero for more than three minutes, at which point those responsible for “Espejo Público” realized the error and corrected the name of the policy.