It has always been said that politics makes strange partners, but in the case of Los Santos de la Humosa many limitations can be overcome. The PSOE registered a motion of censure in this municipality in the east of the Community, bordering the province of Guadalajara, which does not have three thousand inhabitants. The most striking thing about this affair is that the socialists, to achieve their goal, rely on the only advisor that Vox obtained in the last municipal elections and who recently abandoned his party amid long shadows of corruption. The motion of censure will be debated and voted on next Friday, January 26, at 12 p.m. The political history of this Madrid town could be enough to write a book. A thriller would fit well with the plot. You can start at the end. In the last elections on May 28, the PSOE won by less than 70 votes over the PP, but the two equalized the number of councilors: five each. The other municipal councilor was for Vox, more precisely for Daniel Moreno, the protagonist of this whole story. Related news standard None PP and Ciudadanos agree on a motion of censure against the PSOE in the Madrid municipality of Torrelaguna Mariano Calleja The spokesperson for the Popular Party, Víctor Gutiérrez, will take over this Thursday The PP needed the only vote of Vox take the direction of the mayor, because if there was no agreement on the right, the PSOE would regain local power, being the party having obtained the most votes at the polls. The problem was that the people categorically refused to include Vox in a municipal government coalition. The reason was none other than the complaints of corruption that had been filed against his sole adviser, which had led the public prosecutor’s office to open an investigation for embezzlement and fraud, among others, and to transfer the case to the courts. The PP contacted the regional management of Vox to inform them of the situation and request their vote in Los Santos de la Humosa, but without entering the municipal government. From Madrid, the councilor was forced to support Lázaro Polo as mayor, without asking for anything in return. Thus, last June, Polo was re-elected mayor, with the votes of the PP and Vox. After the vote, councilor Daniel Moreno tried to lobby to enter the municipality, according to sources from the PP of Madrid, but he did not succeed, and not feeling supported by his political formation, he left Vox and remained at town hall as “unattached”. ‘. From there, the PSOE saw a possibility of taking power and contacts with the former Vox advisor were immediate. The written motion of censure was presented on January 12, with the signatures of the five PSOE councilors plus that of former Vox councilor Daniel Moreno, who represent the absolute majority of the council. They propose the dismissal of the current mayor, Lázaro Polo, and the election in his place of the socialist Carolina Urtasun Calleja. Among the reasons given, they claim that the Vox councilor received “pressure and threats” which conditioned his vote to elect the PP mayor, which constitutes, in their opinion, an example of “lack of democratic cleanliness”. They also mention, as is customary in these cases, “poor management of public services”, “abandonment of municipal facilities” and “inability to manage budgets”, among other reasons. On the side of the Madrid PP, there are much more prosaic reasons behind this motion of censure from the PSOE and the former mayor of Vox. The Socialists saw an opportunity to obtain their 32nd town hall in the region and leave the PP with 114, out of a total of 179 municipalities that make up the Community of Madrid. And to do this, says the popular party, it did not hesitate to offer the one who was a member of Vox until a few months ago a position in the municipality, exactly what the PP needed in case of success . “Long” from the regional PSOE Sources from the Madrid PP indicate that they have contacted the regional leadership of the PSOE to explain the situation, in case the executive led by Juan Lobato sees fit to paralyze this operation in Los Santos de la Humosa. But for now, they have only found “long” ones, affirming that Daniel Moreno is not being prosecuted in any way. To the PP, they respond, in turn, that he is under investigation for alleged irregularities in municipal bills during the last legislature, when he was works advisor within the government coalition , with the PP and España 2000. To the PP, they respond pessimistic about the decision of the regional PSOE: “They managed to reach an agreement with the terrorists, it is a trivial matter for them.” The motion of censure in Los Santos de la Humosa The current mayor Lázaro Polo was re-elected mayor after the May elections, with the votes of the PP (5) and Vox (1), against the PSOE (5). The last term he ran for Spain 2000 and governed in coalition with the PP and Vox. España 2000 did not run in the May elections and Polo was a PP candidate. The PSOE candidate won the municipal elections in May, with almost 70 votes more than the PP and with the same councilors. He remained in opposition. Now his candidate for mayor is Concepción Urtasun Calleja, who has the votes of the PSOE and the former mayor of Vox. Date of the motion The motion was registered on January 12, with the signature of the PSOE councilors and Daniel Moreno, candidate for the number one election of Vox. The motion of censure will be debated and voted on next Friday, January 26, at 12 p.m. The reasons Among the reasons included in the minutes of the motion of censure, we find “the pressures and threats” that, according to what they maintain, the councilor of Vox suffered to support the mayor PP. They also denounce the abandonment of municipal equipment and the “mismanagement” of public services. During this legislature, which ran from 2019 to 2023, Lázaro Polo was elected mayor at the head of an organization that is more right-wing than Vox: España 2000. He won the mayoralty thanks to the votes of the PP and Vox, who governed in coalition. In 2022, he removed the Vox councilor from the government team, after bringing to the prosecution his possible irregularities in municipal bills. madrid_dia_0703 ‘Madrid up to date’ Do you want to receive the most important news from the Community of Madrid in your email from Tuesday to Friday? Register here NO Lázaro Polo was part of Spain 2000 with two other advisors. A few months before the municipal elections of May 2023, the PP asked him to be a “popular” candidate for mayor and he accepted. España 2000 did not go to the polls and ceased to have municipal representation in Los Santos. During these same May elections, Daniel Moreno presented himself as number one at Vox. The next day, 26, Lázaro Polo could cease to be mayor, after almost five years in this position, first in Spain 2000 and now in the PP.