While inside the amendments to the amnesty law agreed by the PSOE with the separatists were being voted on, at the door of the same room the Popular Party raised its voice to criticize the new transfer of the PSOE to the separatists of Junts and ERC. More precisely, amnesty for any crime of terrorism, whether or not there is a final conviction, with the sole exception of those which resulted in death or those who suffered torture. In short, everyone who has to do with the “trial”. “A government that shelters terrorists while attacking judges has no place in a democracy like ours. It is for this reason that we demand that the government suspend the study of this bill, because it is a historic error that our democracy cannot allow,” said Miguel Tellado, spokesperson for the PP , in a statement to the media that lasted only a few minutes, but was loaded with headlines. Strong sentences from the Galician, with which he tried to clearly express the concern of his group over what is happening in the country. “Spain does not deserve a government ready to pardon, pardon or amnesty terrorists in order to stay in power as long as possible. We believe that what the PSOE is doing humiliates itself and s “humiliates our democracy and he has no right to do it. No one voted for the PSOE to do this. “He has lost the little dignity he had left,” he said. Related news standard No The PP accuses the PSOE of copying its educational measures and throwing “smoke bombs” with its proposals. Emilio V. Escudero Ester Muñoz, deputy secretary of Health and Education of the PP, estimates that the 500 million announced by Sánchez for the The reinforcement plan is insufficient For Tellado, the decision of the socialists to approve several transactional amendments – among which the one that includes the elimination of the term “final penalty” in the article of the law that refers to d ‘possible amnesties for terrorism – shows the weakness of the government, which follows the path opened by Junts. “Junts leads the way and the PSOE obeys,” he said. Tellado talked about the red lines and how the Socialist Party has specialized in skirting them every day. “A week ago, amnesty for terrorist crimes with a firm sentence was a red line for the PSOE. Today, there is no longer a red line for this illegal, unjust and immoral amnesty. 140 years of history to finally submit to the fugitive. “This is Sánchez’s price for being in La Moncloa,” said Cuca Gamarra, secretary general of the PP.