Representatives from the United States, Israel, Qatar and Egypt are meeting this Sunday in Paris to try to advance a deal that would result in a truce in the Gaza Strip lasting about two months, according to reports from the American newspaper ‘The New York Times’. Citing sources close to the negotiations, the French agency Afp confirmed that the meeting took place today. Information processed by the ‘New York Times’ suggests that the possible truce – which is still being negotiated and cannot yet be concluded – would be obtained in exchange for the release by Hamas of around a hundred hostages on the 120 still detained. remain captive and alive in the Gaza Strip. The purpose of the meeting is so that the parties can read the draft – which attempts to satisfy Israeli and radical Islamist demands – and negotiate whether they wish to implement it. In this sense, the newspaper emphasizes that American officials involved in the negotiations sit at the table with an attitude that it describes as “cautiously optimistic.” In other words, measures have been taken, but the favorable outcome cannot yet be taken for granted. If Israel tries to prove that it is not committing genocide in Gaza while awaiting the decision of the International Court Mikel Ayestaran 24 hours before the decision of the ICJ is known, Israel declassifies more than thirty secret orders, which “refute the ‘accusation and show Israeli efforts to reduce civilian death toll’ News of the meeting comes the same day Hamas sources updated the death toll in the Gaza Strip to more than 26 400. Also in an international environment of growing questioning of Israel, whose rugged terrain and bombing campaign are criticized for the high number of civilian victims they cause, including many women and children.