The board of directors of the Valencia Port Authority agreed this Wednesday that the appropriate procedures be carried out to begin the procedure for granting the request for the constitution of a surface right on the building of the former base of the The Alinghi team, which competed in the America’s Cup, “in response to the request made by the Valencia City Hall”. As the entity reports in a press release, this decision is adopted “on the basis of the PAV’s desire to encourage and not hinder any dynamic initiative or project in the basin” of the Port. The mayor of Valencia, María José Catalá, present at the board of directors, celebrated that, in a “coordinated” way, the City Hall and the PAV will accelerate the procedures so that the Alinghi base “becomes a center of attraction of entrepreneurship and training. MORE INFORMATION news No Valencia declares the Alinghi building of general interest for entrepreneurship and training purposes. As the town hall reports in a press release, the approved agreement also emphasizes that the decision is taken “on the based on the will of the Valencia Port Authority (APV). ) to encourage and not hinder any dynamic initiative or project in the dock. In this sense, Catalá highlighted the “speed” that was given to the administrative procedure so that the Alinghi base becomes “a new space of entrepreneurship and innovation in the city in line with the projects that, in the same meaning, are developed in the rest of the bases of the America’s Cup” and stressed that, unlike the previous government, “which envisaged transforming the base into an administrative center”, now “it will be used for innovation and entrepreneurship”. Declaration of general interest The Local Government Commission of Valencia City Hall approved last Friday the declaration of general interest of the Alinghi building “for entrepreneurship and training purposes”, with the aim of ” take care of any investment that wishes to be made in La Marina to strengthen this place in the city as a pole of innovation and entrepreneurship. The approval came after, last January 18, Marina de Empresas requested the launch of the procedure for granting a surface right to the building of the former Alinghi base, adjacent to the bases currently occupied by Lanzadera and EDEM, in order to expand the area. entrepreneurship and training project and to initiate, through the Town Hall, the appropriate steps to allow the processing of this reward. In order not to lose this investment, the Municipal Council first approved the declaration of “general interest” and decided to return the property to the PAV “temporarily and for the sole purpose of processing the said request”. The council set a series of conditions: that the restitution be of a temporary nature, “strictly linked” to the duration of the surface right or of the legal act established by the PAV on the property and that, once this right has been extinguished, The building will once again become the property of the municipality and will be integrated into its heritage. This integration will be “of a heritage nature, including by accession what was built there, both the buildings, constructions and equipment pre-existing the reversion, as well as those carried out subsequently, free of charge and without obligation for compensation or payment of any kind. whether it be “. compensation to the superficial entity or the VPA. Secondly, it was established that, where applicable, the amount of income received by the PAV following the granting of the requested surface right or any other formula for use of the property must be used “to finance actions of “port integration”. or maintenance or investments intended for the reconstruction, rehabilitation or conservation of the real estate that makes up the Valencia Marina, even if its property is municipal.