The ‘Antonio Bienvenida’ hall of the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid hosted this Saturday the round table ‘Development and promotion of the Brihuega bull run’ on the bullfighting event which takes place every August 16 and is declared of tourist interest regional. The event was led by the mayor of Brihuega, Luis Viejo; the bullfighter, breeder and organizer of the bullfight, Joselito; the writer and professor of legal history, Beatriz Badorrey; and the breeder and collaborator César Sánchez, led by the journalist David Casas, as reported by the town hall in a press release. Joselito described the running of the bulls as “sensational and challenging, by its very nature,” referring to the tradition of taking the bulls to the bullring at night. “Spectacular, with sequences on horseback and on foot, and the collaboration of the whole city which experiences the party in an exciting way,” he insisted. And added: “Without these popular festivals, bullfighters would not exist.” Furthermore, Professor Badorrey highlighted the historical and cultural importance of bull races in the countryside, in addition to other popular bullfighting celebrations, which “must be valued as intangible heritage and defended at the legal level to prevent politics or certain sectors to harm and make these events disappear. For his part, César Sánchez, of the Campos Taurinos farm, assured of the fervor that exists in the city for the running of the bulls, which leads “to think during the remaining 364 days of the ‘year to next’. An August 16 during which he shares the spotlight with the Cera procession. Finally, the mayor reiterated the “commitment” of his corporation “to protect and develop the event, aware of the deep bullfighting sentiment that the vast majority of residents feel and the historical and cultural importance of August 16 for Brihuega”. Likewise, he recalled that the Town Hall is investing in the bullring of “La Muralla”, which will house a bullfighting museum.