Many Spaniards live with the incessant pressure of having to save to make ends meet or treat themselves to a few treats. Whether because of exorbitant rents, low salaries but also the desire of many to continue to give themselves a “plus” from time to time, it seems more and more difficult to be able to earn money and things. have become more balanced. more complicated last year, during which the geopolitical situation led to an increase in the price of the basket. To best cope with the national economy, and even more so in these times, some use family Excel sheets or specific expense management applications. However, those who are unable to save or want to start a plan to save money on their daily lives have a Japanese ally who can be particularly helpful. This is the Kakebo method, acclaimed by many who have tried it and which has become a reference to take into account. What is the Kakebo method The Kakebo system was invented by a Japanese journalist, Motoko Hani, who first published “kakebo” in a women’s magazine in 1904. Her goal then was to improve finances family. A priori, this is nothing extraordinary, since it is based on a grid with accounts and planning, but, whatever the reason, it is generally used to save and better manage income. These are the keys to your success. Kakebo is a Japanese word that can be translated as “the household ledger” in which each interested party must do monthly planning. To develop it, you basically need a kind of account book in which you have to write down everything that concerns the portfolio. How the Kakebo Method Works So, to start working on savings, it is recommended at the beginning of each month to write down fixed and expected income and expenses, as well as some type of savings goal. From there, each person should record their expenses daily and weekly, then do a monthly tally which provides an idea of ​​the segment. At the end of the month a summary of the actions will be requested to draw better conclusions. Some also consider quarterly monitoring. The grid that we will use is particularly important. It will have several categories: survival matters like food, rent or supplies, leisure or vice expenses (dinners and drinks, sports activities or treats) or culture and other extras (like gifts or unexpected expenses ). Those who have tried it emphasize that the important thing in this method is to write everything down, as ridiculous as it may seem depending on the quantities, and also not to cheat in any way and also write a coffee, a tip or something else . euro so that your child can buy two gummies For all this, one of the keys to success is to always collect and keep the tickets so as not to neglect any expense. Associated news standard No The decalogue of a large family of eight members to make ends meet Standard David Maroto No The large sum of money that drivers leave for car inspections at the Canal Motor workshop With the success of this method, each It is sometimes easier to find kakebo books or notebooks to structure the numbers in a little more personalized way. What kakebo method followers applaud is the ability for these notes to include spaces to leave thoughts or observations about consumption. Among the most complex aspects of this method, it is necessary to highlight precisely the need to be constant and rigorous in this method, since the results are not seen in just a few days and become more evident as time passes.