The NFL’s pinnacle moment has arrived, the Super Bowl, capturing the attention of half the world in a spectacle that transcends sport. The San Francisco 49ers face the current champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, with Patrik Mahomes, the star of the competition, at the helm. Alongside him, megastars like Travis Kelce, Christian McCaffrey and Brock Purdy are on everyone’s lips. However, perhaps the game will pass through the hands and especially the legs of a player who could be decisive without making as many headlines as this one: Isiah Pacheco. Related news standard No The Chiefs of Mahomes and Kelce -and Taylor Swift- meet the 49ers in the Super Bowl Javier Ansorena standard No NFL Shock in Wales: one of its stars leaves rugby to play in the NFL Javier Corcuera Of Puerto Rican origin Pacheco (1999) was born and raised in New Jersey, the youngest of five children. Fate struck him brutally when he was just a teenager. On January 10, 2016, Tavoise, his older brother, was stabbed to death. This terrible event brings him even closer to his sister Céleste, with whom he maintains a special bond. A little over a year later, on September 20, 2017, Isiah’s life received another blow, even more serious if possible, when Celeste was also murdered, this time due to a gunshot to the head who unsealed her ex-spouse and father of a child. of her three children, who was sentenced to 65 years in prison for this crime. Desktop Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by Isiah Pacheco 🇵🇷 (@lil_poppy856) Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by Isiah Pacheco 🇵🇷 (@lil_poppy856) AMP Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by Isiah Pacheco 🇵🇷 (@lil_poppy856) APP Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by Isiah Pacheco 🇵🇷 (@lil_poppy856) Two such major misfortunes would have destroyed anyone, but in the case of Isiah Pacheco, they build your character, giving you extra motivation to achieve your goals. Three days after his sister’s death, he led his team, Vineland High, in rushing for 222 yards and a touchdown over Egg Harbor Township. A few days later, Celeste’s funeral was held on September 29, 2017, after which he again had a remarkable performance against Cumberland Regional, scoring three touchdowns. Desktop Code Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile Code AMP Code APP Code A few years later, he admitted in an interview with that these tragic events became his greatest motivation. De Celeste said that “she was my best friend”, while de Tavoise said that he was the main architect of the player he became over time: “He encouraged me to play football when I was a child and he never had the chance to see me.” play. Having the opportunity to play helps me a lot to not worry about the tragedies that have happened. “It makes me want to try harder.” Selected in the last round of the Draft After a lackluster stint at Rutgers University, he was selected in the seventh and final round of the Draft in position 251 by the Kansas City Chiefs, which did not seem to predict the excellent performance that he would eventually cave in the NFL. Código Desktop Imagen para móvil, amp y app Código móvil Código AMP Código APP The ‘ running back ‘ of the Chiefs perfected a new orthodox style at the time of correr with the ovoide, llevando a commentaristas deportivos a commentar que parece que juega “enfadado con the ground”. Once he catches the ball in his arms, full of memories of his two brothers in the form of tattoos, ‘Pop’ Pacheco starts running angrily, almost violently, moving his legs at high speed in small steps and attacking anyone.. move forward. Desktop Code Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile Code AMP Code APP Code This irregular but effective method makes it very difficult for your rivals to stop you. A brand of manufacturer of the house which made him, the year of his debut, one of the centerpieces of his team, ultimately winner of Super Bowl LVII led by a great Mahomes. In this second season with the Chiefs, Pacheco returns to play in the Super Bowl, in part thanks to the great performance he achieved in the final stretch of the match against the Buffalo Bills which gave them access to the final of the American Conference, where the Ravens awaited them. The Baltimore team, which had had a sensational season, was the big favorite, but the good work and experience of Kansas City in this type of match led them to victory. Desktop Code Image for mobile, amp and application Mobile Code AMP Code APP Code Andy Reid, coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, is delighted with his “running back”, especially for his capacity for sacrifice, defining him as “the Duracell rabbit, he has infinite energy, life remains in every workout. “It’s Isiah,” he said. To retain the title, Pacheco and the Chiefs will have the difficult task of defeating the San Francisco 49rs who managed to overcome opposing scores in the latter part of the season, achieving comebacks that seemed impossible against the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions. The Super Bowl LVIII finale will be played Sunday through Monday at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, repeating competitors from four years ago. On this occasion, it was the Kansas City Chiefs who, led once again by Mahomes, staged an epic comeback after going on a brutal 21-0 run in the fourth quarter.