The world of music has many admired and recognized personalities and, in Spain, there is also a commitment to training new musical stars. In this context, in addition to conservatories and music schools, there are television programs in which the best voices or the most complete artists are sought, as is the case of the “Operación Triunfo” program. In addition to being a singing competition, it is also a reality TV show, so you also have to put on a show in each episode. The charisma of the candidates, the confidence of the presenter, in this case a presenter, with Chenoa in this role, or even the level of professionalism of the jury are some of the ingredients for the success of this type of program. Related news norm No ‘OT 2023’ concert tickets in Barcelona and Madrid: dates, prices and how to get them Norm María Albert Non Álvaro Mayo after his expulsion from ‘OT 2023’: “I want to make music so that people have a good time and let’s all take responsibility” Marina Ortiz Precisely regarding the jury, there has been some controversy in this edition of “OT 2023”. In addition to something that usually happens every year, namely the disagreement of the public with the decisions of the jury or even the divergent opinions of the jury with the professors of the academy, this year there was a member of the jury who received a almost Gallic attention after the gala. It is about Buika, a Quatoguinean-Spanish artist who surprised the followers and protagonists of the program with the way she values ​​them and the verdicts she gave them. Among some of the phrases that caught the most attention, Buika said, in a humorous tone, to Juanjo, one of the triumphs, that he “ate all his black things” or to Álvaro Mayo, already expelled, “my love of my between the windows.” Between astonishment and laughter, many people have declared themselves both fans and detractors of the artist. But who is Buika really and what do we know about his life? Buika’s real name. Awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 2022 as one of her many achievements in Spain, Buika is a renowned singer who blends jazz, flamenco, pop and rhythms Latin, which makes her She served to create a unique personal label that leads one of the most acclaimed careers in our country’s music scene. Although Buika or Concha Buika is the name by which she is recognized artistically, her real name is María Concepción Balboa Buika. Born in the Balearic Islands, she comes from a family of political exiles from Equatorial Guinea and her flamenco influences come from the fact that she grew up linked to the gypsy community of the Son Gotleu district, in Palma de Mallorca, to which she turned to escape a reality of poverty and marginality. Buika’s brother, actor in “La Mesías” Although Buika’s ancestors are closely linked to the political world, there are also relatives of the artist who dedicate themselves to the world of culture. This is the case of the brother of the Operation Triunfo jury, Boré Buika, who devotes himself to the world of theater. At 43, Boré, who is younger than Buika, has participated in projects such as “The Secret of Puente Viejo”, “Mer Plastique”, “Aida”, “Caronte”, “Elite”, “Dos Vidas” and Moreover. recently, in the famous and successful Los Javis series, ‘The Messiah’, where he plays Francesc. Desktop Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by BUIKA (@buikamusic) Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by BUIKA (@buikamusic) AMP Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by BUIKA (@buikamusic) APP Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by BUIKA (@buikamusic) Although he is not as well known as his sister, Boré has been working in different films and series since 2004, so he already has a career of 20 years in the world of theater and, although in minor roles, participating in projects of great importance in the sector. Buika’s son, also dedicated to music As we indicated in the previous paragraphs, Buika’s family is closely linked to the world of politics and art. Another member of the “clan” which surrounds the artist and which constitutes one of the pillars of his life is his son Jay. Buika always had kind words for those close to him, and it’s no different with his son. Due to his relationship with guitarist Abraham Moughrabi, Jay was only a teenager when his mother already told him that the little boy was beginning to have a clear tendency to devote himself to music. In an interview with Divinity, Buika said that his son could do everything, that he sang very well and that he admired his talent for hip-hop. “He loves it, from a very young age he has always been with me in the studio.” Since then, almost 10 years have passed, his son has already taken his first steps in the world of music, under the stage name Menace Deville. Desktop Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by @jaybuik Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by @jaybuik AMP Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by @jaybuik APP Code View this post on Instagram A post shared by @jaybuik Trap is the genre championed by young Jay, who debuted in 2019. Although mother and son have sung together before, the artist and the jury of ‘OT’ have excluded that their paths could unite in the world of music. Regarding Jay, he is currently showing some of his personal moments on social networks, where he demonstrates another of his passions, traveling and his first contacts with the world of modeling.