The Civil Guard has opened an investigation into the murder of a 33-year-old Ukrainian in the town of La Villajoyosa, Alicante. The lifeless body was found with at least half a dozen bullet holes on the ramp of a garage. According to the newspaper Información, the body was discovered by a neighbor last Tuesday, February 13, around five in the afternoon, in the area of ​​La Cala, in an urbanization of the aforementioned municipality of Alicante. Shortly afterward, investigators were alerted to the appearance of a burned-out car in the nearby town of El Campello, where the suspected killer may have fled after inflicting fatal blows on the victim. MORE INFORMATION news No The Torrevieja Carnival parade, in the spotlight because of the costumes of minors in underwear. Different members of the Civil Guard, the Local Police and health services were mobilized to the scene of the events, which not only made it possible to verify that the victim was already dead upon arrival. In this way, the armed institute initiated the protocols for violent crimes and now its Judicial and Scientific Police specialists are working to find more clues about this terrible cold-blooded murder. The first hypothesis is that it is a settling of scores.