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How much has it rained since We interview Santiago Domínguez at GURME Malaga! It was September 2020 – almost four years now – and during the meeting, the businessman reflected on what he had experienced running the establishment, which had become one of the most iconic restaurants in the city. city. A year and a half later it passed into the hands of Argentine restaurateur Horacio Harán and now, two years later, it returns to the architect of the concept, Santiago Domínguez.

The kick-off is today, Wednesday February 14. Lovers day? Valentine’s Day? Would this bode well? The fact is that Santiago reopens in Marbella to add a new stage to the journey started in 1965, a moment that he experiences with great enthusiasm, as he commented to the media.

The menu is committed to quality products, local raw materials, zero kilometer, and other types of products from other regions of Spain to be processed in Santiago’s cuisine.

This return to his old habits makes him well surrounded, as he emphasizes. In all 30 professionals to delight his customers, among whom a large majority of guests are loyal to his table, at his home. During these decades of open doors, great personalities from society, politics and entertainment have been present. “From Morgan Freeman to Julio Iglesias, Grace Kelly and Rainier de Monaco, Charles de Gaulle, Camilo José Cela, Vargas Llosa, Antonio Banderas, Nicolas Sarkozy, Sofía Loren and even Jacqueline Kennedy have sat at my table. If the walls could talk, you can’t imagine what they could say,” he comments with GURMÉ Málaga.

Among the main values ​​of Santiago Domínguez To successfully approach this stage, there are surely these aspects that he highlighted to us when we were able to interview him. “Friendliness and a smile towards the customer are a maxim here and it should be in hospitality. The left hand is important for knowing how to handle situations that arise. The other factor he considers essential to achieve this goal is “the raw material, the right product. If you decide to save this way, be clear that you will lose. We must maintain the level, the product demands above the others. I still come in every day and ask the staff, I check the cameras, to make sure things are as they should be.

“The best Mediterranean cuisine in Marbella”, as defined in Restaurant Santiago, returns through the front door with the desire to get people talking again and satisfy its ever-demanding clientele. For this opening day they have posted the “full” sign, so if you are interested it is important to book because probably during these first weeks many will want to see for themselves what this is like return to Domínguez’s habits.

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