The weight of the absolute majority of the Popular Party in the Senate will fall this Wednesday on the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska. The disapproval promoted by the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Upper House will also continue with the support of Vox and the UPN. The opposition denounces the “disastrous management” of Marlaska in the fight against drug trafficking and the lack of resources of the Civil Guard in Barbate (Cádiz), where on Friday 9 two agents were murdered after being run over by a boat. drug. PP, Vox and UPN also demand the dismissal of the minister. The PP brought this debate to the Senate because the Interior dismantled an elite Civil Guard unit created to fight drugs in the Campo del Gibraltar region, known as the Southern Traffic Coordination Organization of drugs (OCON), to distribute its agents in permanent investigation structures, despite the concerns expressed by PP, Vox and Ciudadanos. The prosecution also warned a few months ago of the risks linked to the transformation of this unit. PP and Vox have once again requested explanations for this decision and reiterate the request to the government to declare the territory a special singularity zone for greater effectiveness in the fight against drug trafficking. “Marlaska, an exhausted minister, has finished, booed wherever he goes, a minister with his arms down who has thrown in the towel and is in added time,” said Luis Javier Santamaría, senator of the PP, “his disapproval has already been requested 23 times, it has already been rejected in Congress for the death of 23 people after jumping from the fence in Melilla and has been condemned for violating the rights of immigrant minors. From today, Marlaska will have the dubious honor of receiving two parliamentary disapprovals. In February last year, Congress had already censored it after the massive jump over the fence in Melilla in June 2022, where 23 people died – more than 70, according to NGOs – and dozens were injured. That day, the disapproval also promoted by the PP was facilitated by the government’s partners: ERC voted for and Bildu and PNV abstained. Santamaría also mentioned that he A month ago, the Supreme Court considered illegal the return of Moroccan minors who entered Ceuta irregularly after another jump over the fence during the summer of 2021. According to the TS, the decision of the Interior represents a ” absolute non-compliance. of the law on immigration and the violation of the rights of minors. Paloma Gómez, senator of Vox, accused Marlaska of “protecting criminals and abandoning citizens” in Barbate after the disintegration of OCON Sur. “This decision favors illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Does reducing these measures have to do with the relationship between the PSOE and Morocco? Think, ladies and gentlemen,” said Gómez, who then added more rhetorical questions: “He is a minister devalued and disapproved by the Senate and Congress, and punished by the Supreme Court. What happened to Mr. Marlaska’s dignity? Where are your principles? Why are you hanging on to the desk like a limpet? The opposition also accused the minister of having banned tributes to deceased agents, a situation that Marlaska himself categorically denied yesterday during the government control session of the Senate, and of not having visited Barbate in “a cowardly and intolerable attitude”. The truth is that Marlaska was going to go to the scene of the murder after the event, but he decided to meet with senior officials of the Civil Guard of Cádiz. In her intervention, Mari Mar Caballero, of the UPN, recalled another blow dealt by the High Court to the Minister of the Interior, when it concluded in September that the dismissal in 2020 of the colonel of the Civil Guard, Diego Pérez de los Cobos, was “illegal” and forced his reinstatement. “His mismanagement has consequences and you have to know how to take a step back when it comes to an outcry,” Caballero said, thus asking the minister to resign due to the general agitation against the direction of his ministry. The leader of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, launched this week an offensive in Parliament against Marlaska: in addition to this motion of disapproval, questions and interpellations were recorded against Marlaska and his management of the fight against drug trafficking. drugs in Cádiz in the two representative chambers.