Carlo Ancelotti has thrown water on the fire in the Mestalla press room. The Italian coach, knowing that his team had just suffered a difficult to explain refereeing decision, knew that there was nothing to be gained from receiving a strike: “There is not much to say. Something unprecedented happened, which had never happened to me in my career. I told the referee that if he whistles when the goalkeeper rejects the ball from the corner, that’s fine, but if he doesn’t and we continue to attack, he has to wait. It’s not just 2-3 that isn’t on the scoreboard. Further collateral damage was the direct red card to Bellingham: “He did not insult you. He was just frustrated and told him “fucking goal” in English. He said it vehemently, but it wasn’t an insult. We’ll see what’s in the file. » Ancelotti’s coldness and temperance clashed with the warmth of the locker room. Tchouaméni wrote on his X account that it was “a shame” and Vinicius put an ironic emoticon while crying with laughter. Carletto preferred to rely on experience: “There is warmth in the locker room. Normal. We need to get back to normal as soon as possible because we have another important game on Wednesday. Just look at tonight’s table. “Sleep well.” Hugo Duro understands the indignation of the whites The indignation of the Madrid players was shared by Hugo Duro, who recognized Gil Manzano’s bold decision: “We don’t know why he takes so long to whistle. Let Brahim take care of it, don’t whistle… I understand the Madrid players. Related News Valencia 2 – 2 Real Madrid Standard No draw between Valencia and Real Madrid and referee scandal at Mestalla Rubén Cañizares Referee Gil Manzano whistled the end of the match just as Brahim crossed to Bellingham who ended with a goal. Baraja was more lukewarm, who, in addition to pointing the finger at Vinicius, saying that the images of his celebration spoke for themselves, supported Gil Manzano’s decision: “I saw well how the referee whistled before to center. He also gave five minutes in the first half and Madrid scored against us in stoppage time. “The referee decided that way and there is not much to say.”