Elche local police officers arrested a 40-year-old man for punching and kicking his wife all over her body. The victim was found lying on the ground with her two minor children next to her, one in her arms, as reported by the town hall in a press release. A local police team visited Capitaine Baltasar Tristany Street last February after a call from a neighbor who claimed to have heard “loud” cries for help from a woman at her home. Officers responded to the scene and located a man on the street who claimed he had been arguing with his wife and that she had stayed home. One police team stayed with the man, while another went to question the woman. MORE INFORMATION news No The isolated rural house in Alicante where the Civil Guard intervened in a cultivation of 1,600 marijuana plants. Arriving at the house, they found the door open and the victim lying on the floor with a child in his arms and with injuries “with simple sight” in the ear and blood in one of the legs. In addition, there had another minor next to her, according to the consistory. After providing first aid, the woman told officers that, moments before, she had argued with her husband because she had criticized him for having dinner with another woman. The man allegedly responded by punching and kicking her all over her body and hitting her against the living room door, the glass of which shattered. At that point, the woman began asking for help because she feared for her life, and that’s when the man fled the home. The victim continued to tell police it wasn’t the first times he hit her, but she never reported it out of fear. The children were placed in the care of neighbors. Officers questioned the witness, who said she heard “clearly” the woman asking for help and how the man continued to hit her. He also assured that this was not the first time that a similar situation had occurred. The woman was taken to a health center, where she suffered an anxiety attack and was later transferred to Vinalopó Hospital for a possible jaw fracture. For their part, the minors were entrusted to the care of two neighbors of the building with the mother’s authorization. Following what happened, the 40-year-old man was arrested and taken to the police station.